How do you know if it's primary cardiac arrest?

Signs of sudden cardiac arrest are immediate and drastic and include Sudden collapse. No pulse. No breathing.

When will I expect to receive my E-Card from the American Heart Association?

You will receive your card within 24 to 48 hours of taking the class.

Should I stop compressions if the victim gasps?

(No, the gasps are not real breathing) It’s a natural reflex that happens when your brain is not getting the oxygen it needs to survive. Gasping sounds (Agonal breathing) is a sign that a person is near death.

What if I get tired during chest compressions?

The American Heart Association recommends that you should switch rescuers every two minutes with somebody nearby. If you become fatigued, you are not providing high-quality CPR

Can you harm someone if you perform CPR while their heart is beating?

The chances that a bystander could harm a person by compressing their chest are slim to none.

What are the three phases of cardiac arrest?

Electrical, circulatory, and metabolic.

What are the victim's chances of survival after a heart attack?

A heart attack is a life-threatening medical emergency, and the longer this goes on without treatment, the more damage to the heart can happen. Studies have found that survival rates for people hospitalized for heart attacks are approximately 90% to 97%